Artists Statement

In search for an active place that addresses the problems of polarity, my work hovers in the anxiety of displacement. I use the language of provisional nomadic structures that assert their unreliability through their means of construction. I exaggerate these temporary solutions to claim land. The work looks for a balance, admitting in itself the lack thereof.

In my recent body of work Extraction, I further investigate the constructs of place-hood. I deal with the gaps that manifest in the act of excavating parts of a whole and re-placing them within a removed context. In these gaps lies the incapacity of translating the depth of place-hood without reducing it. An image or object on its own, or even in combinations, cannot holistically mediate locality. The work confesses these discrepancies and instead seeps into the gaps.

The toy scale monumentalizes trivial, everyday objects and underlines the absurdity of these found and fabricated toys. They formulate a visual vocabulary that imparts cropped views of a fluctuating reality. The work speaks to the burden of carrying a sense of belonging and the innate hunger to unearth it.